• 10 sessions

    $240 per session.

  • 25 sessions

    $220 per session.

  • 50 sessions

    $200 per session.

  • 100 sessions

    $190 per session.


What equipments do you have?

Resistance Training:

- Power Rack x2

- Smith Machine

- LifeFitness Cable Machine

- FreeMotion Fitness Dual Cable Machine

- Assited Pull Up and Dip Machine

- Hack Squat

- Lat Pulldown Cable Complex (4 stations)

- Leg extension/Leg Curl

- Back Extention

- Dumbbells ( 1kg - 47.5kgs)

- Barbells, Ez Bars, Trap bars

Functional Training:

- Crossfit Balls

- Slam Balls

- Medicine Balls

- Bosu Balls

- Exercise Balls


- Rings

- Stick Mobility

- Battling Ropes

- Ab Wheels


- Trendmill

- Eliptical Machine

- Rowing Machine

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, FPS or Bank transfer.

Can I coach 1on2? What is the price?

Yes, the rental counted as follows:

- 1.5 session for an 1 hour 1on2 session.

- 2 sessions for an 1.5 hours 1on2 session.

How long is a session?

One session is an hour long.

Do you have an expiry date for the sessions?

We do not have an expiry date for the sessions purchased.

Can my sessions be transfered if I have to leave Hong Kong?

Yes. Remaining sessions can be transfered to another individual.

Do I have to book a session in advance?

No. We are flexible and you can walk-in anytime with your client. Trainers can simply mark down the session afterwards.

As a trainer, can I workout in the gym on my own?

Yes, Trainers are welcomed to use our facility to train on days where you have at least one session.